Simple Tips to Properly Winterize Your Car

Winter Car

You can already feel it in the air: winter is just around the corner. Before hitting the road in the cold, it’s important to follow these simple steps to properly winterize your car.


Check your oil

Cold weather causes motor oil to thicken up and become less effective. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to switch to thinner oil that delivers optimal performance even when the temperature drops below freezing. Fortunately, this is an easy, inexpensive step you can take to keep your car running well all winter.


Install snow tires

Despite what the name suggests, all-season tires aren’t your best option in cold weather. Instead, consider installing a dedicated set of snow tires, as they provide better traction and performance in cold, snowy driving conditions.


Wash and wax

Keeping your car clean isn’t just about looking flashy. In fact, hitting the car wash and applying a protective layer of wax is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle’s exterior against corrosive materials like salt that tend to build up on car bodies over the winter.


Stow emergency items

Finally, it’s important to stow some emergency items in your vehicle in case of a cold-weather breakdown. You should always have non-perishable food and water, a blanket or two, and a battery-powered cellphone charger in case of emergency.


Of course, another good idea is to get your car checked here at Fuller Chevrolet GMC Truck. Our friendly service staff would be happy to make sure you are cold-weather fit.

Winter Car

Fall Car Care Tips to Keep Your Car Running

Fall is in full-swing, which means winter is just around the corner. Each season bears its own list of essential automotive maintenance tasks, and there are certain car care duties you can perform to keep your car running in tip-top shape. Here are a few fall car care tips you should address this season to prepare your car for winter.

  • Check your tires: The hot roads and pavement during summer can be tough on your tires, so you will want to check your tire treads and make sure they’re not too worn now. You will also want to check tire pressure, as fluctuating external temperatures can cause the air pressure and inflation to drop.
  • Check vehicle lights: Since the sun sets earlier in the fall and winter months, it’s important to make sure all your lights are working for nighttime driving. Check the bulbs and clean off hazy glass.
  • Check windshield wiper blades and fluid: Hot summer weather can dry out your wiper blades, causing them to streak and not work as effectively. Fall is the perfect time to replace your wiper blades so you can improve visibility during rainy fall weather and winter snow storms.
  • Check heating and defroster system: Not only does the heating system keep you and your passengers warm, but it also keeps your windows defogged.
  • Check battery: To start your vehicle in the cold, it’s necessary to have a charged battery. Have your battery and charging system checked in the fall to make sure you’re good to go when the weather gets colder.

If your vehicle needs seasonal maintenance work done to it, bring it to the Fuller Chevrolet GMC Truck service center. We’ll make sure your car is ready for autumn.

Car mainentance

Don’t Waste Money on Gas: Efficient Driving Tactics

gas tips

Aside from getting a new set of wheels, there are some ways to save gas this summer by driving more effectively. Fuel costs have consistently risen over the years, which means you shouldn’t be surprised to see prices exceeding $4 per gallon in the near future. With that in mind, try out some of these efficient driving tactics to help you lower your expenses and save money.

According to Popular Mechanics, one of the best things you can do is coast to a stop. Basically, pretend you’re riding a bike—try to anticipate when traffic lights will change so you can coast to a stop and reduce fuel consumption. Hard braking is inherently less efficient than slowly coming to a halt, so give coasting a try next time you’re commuting.

Don’t start slowly. This might sound like it goes against conventional wisdom, but your car will get lower fuel economy in low gears. This is especially true if you’re eventually going to reach highway speeds, because your car will reach its top, fuel-saving gear sooner if you don’t crawl to reach higher speeds.

Use the air conditioner at high speeds. Again, you may have heard that the A/C is terrible on fuel economy, but having the windows down at highway speeds is actually worse. That’s because having the windows down creates drag, lowering fuel economy by quite a bit. If you’re going less than 55 mph, then have the windows down. Otherwise, use the air conditioner.

If you want a fuel-efficient truck for your daily drive, you’ll find one at Fuller Chevrolet GMC Truck.

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Somebody

You want the special person in your life to know exactly how much they mean to you, but you’re having trouble finding the right gift that expresses what you feel. If this sounds like you, have no fear! We have some easy DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that will knock the socks off your special somebody without knocking the wind out of your wallet.

Love Potion Kit

Does your lover have a thing for coffee? Cocktails? Fancy fizzy drinks? Whatever poison they pick, you can whip up a cute little “Love Potion Kit” by packaging all the ingredients in decorated jars or bottles and presenting them together as fun activity.

Decorative Photo Frame

Purchase any old photo frame and spruce it up with hearts, confetti, paint, cotton balls — whatever you think will float the boat of your Cuddle Bug. Insert your favorite picture of the two of you, and your sweetheart will have a happy way of remembering this Valentine’s Day for years to come.

Jar of Love

You adore your darling, but do they know exactly why? Write down reasons why you love your partner on small slips of paper, then put them in a decorated glass jar. Give it to them in the morning and instruct them to pick out a piece of paper here and there throughout the day.

And how about this for a great Valentine’s Day gift: a brand new car from Fuller Chevrolet GMC Truck! Visit us today to pick out a special ride for your special someone!

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

Take Care of Your Car with These New Year’s Resolutions for Your Vehicle

New Year’s Resolutions for your vehicle

What is the one thing you use nearly every day that isn’t your smartphone? It’s your car, of course. This year, you should set some New Year’s resolutions for your vehicle to take better care of your beloved vehicle.

  • Read your owner’s manual. Every new car comes with a manual, which most of us have never read. Take an hour to go through yours and you might learn a thing or two about your car.
  • Replace your windshield wipers. When was the last time you got new wiper blades? If you can’t remember, that means it is time for some new ones. Experts recommend replacing them every six to 12 months.
  • Catch up on maintenance. Your owner’s manual should include a recommended maintenance schedule with items like oil changes, brakes checks, etc. If you have fallen behind schedule, get caught up to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Clean your car. Winter snow, ice, and salt, can leave you with a grimy exterior. Clean off all that gunk as often as you can. And, give you interior a thorough cleaning as well.

If you want to take care of your car this year, schedule a service appointment here at Full Chevrolet GMC Truck. We will make sure your car, truck, or SUV is ready for the year ahead.

Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Winter car maintenance


Cold weather is setting in, and you know what that means: winter. The chilly season in Maine can be especially tough on your car, so here are some winter car maintenance tips to help your car get ready for those frigid temps.

Replace Windshield Wipers

In order to clear that falling snow (and you know there’ll be plenty), you’ll need capable wipers. Be sure to replace your wipers if they haven’t been replaced in the past six months.

Get an Oil Change

Even if it’s a little early for your oil change, it’s better to be safe than sorry. With cold temperatures, oil thickens. The thicker the oil is, the harder it is for it to properly lubricate the engine. Ask our service department what oil is best for the winter season.

Test Your Battery

In order to start your car in the winter, you’ll need a sturdy battery. Before the cold weather comes, be sure to check your battery’s charge and make sure it’s strong. If it comes back with a weak charge, you might want to replace it.

Consider Snow Tires

Snow is prevalent in Maine, so you should consider getting snow-ready tires. Swapping out tires (even if they’re all-season) is a smart idea to ensure you’ll get more traction on the road.

If you have any more questions about how to prep your car for winter, ask us here at Fuller Chevrolet GMC Truck.

Get Your Car Ready for Fall With These Tips

Ready for fall

Is your vehicle ready for fall? Use this list as a guideline for autumn preparations.

Pay attention to your lights

Headlights are critical this time of year as sunlight is available to us fewer hours of the day, increasing our need for visibility in the dim light. Make sure you not only replace broken lights, but also clean your headlight casing.

Replace your wiper blades

Autumn, for many places in the U.S., can be very wet. Keep your eyes on the road by investing in some new wiper blades that won’t streak during the ongoing rain.

Test your battery

Lower temperatures can reduce battery capacity, so prepare for the colder months by having your battery’s capacity tested to make sure it can weather the fall and winter.

Check your heat and defroster

This is one should be obvious: after blasting the AC all summer long, you need to ensure that your heat (and, consequently, your defroster) work. These will be critical in not only keeping you warm, but also maintaining visibility on frosty mornings.

Have your engine inspected

Mechanical parts start to have issues when low temperatures set in. Prepare for fall and winter by having a pro look over your engine to check for any issues.

If you have any more questions or concerns about getting your car ready for fall, don’t hesitate to ask us here at Fuller Chevrolet GMC Truck.