Are Strange Smells Coming From Your Car’s Air Conditioner?

Are Strange Smells Coming From Your Air Conditioner? Fuller Chevrolet GMC in Rockland, ME, Can Help

Now that the temperatures are heating up here in Rockland, Maine, you’re going to be using your air conditioning more often. But instead of a blast of refreshing cool air, you may be met with weak airflow and stale smells. Here’s a look at what could be behind those problems.


If your air conditioner is smelling like a musty old basement, there may be mold growth in the vents, or there could be a leak in the AC drainage tube. This excess water seepage can cause mildew growth inside of your car’s cabin. The unpleasant odor can also stem from a dirty under-hood air intake vent.

Sweaty smells

Does it smell like your kids left their gym socks in the car? If that’s the case — and your kids aren’t responsible for it — you may want to turn your attention to the cabin air filter. If it gets filled with debris and bacteria, it can give your vehicle the signature scent of a locker room.

Sweet and noxious odors

Notice the distinct scent of maple syrup in your car? It might be coming from the heater core if it’s leaking antifreeze. And pungent chemical odors should be checked out, too — they’re typically the result of a refrigerant leak.

Don’t let these problems go unaddressed — if you notice strange smells coming from your car’s climate control system it’s time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection at Fuller Chevrolet GMC Truck.